What industry does your company represent? Select all that apply.

  • Arts, Culture & Design
  • Business, Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Sports, Recreation & Hospitality
  • Communications
  • Education & Teaching
  • Engineering & Information Technology
  • Finance, Real Estate & Insurance
  • Government, Law, Policy, & Politics
  • Health Care
  • Mathematics, Life & Physical Sciences
  • Nonprofit & Social Services
  • Religious Organizations
  • Other Industry / Profession

Is this a home-based company?

  • Yes
  • No
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  • Communication, English, Writing, Graphic Design (See More)
  • Justice-Related and Law (See More)
  • Computer Science, Mathematics, and Engineering (See More)
  • HealthCare (See More)
  • Science and Environmental (See More)
  • Education (See More)
  • Psychology, Social Work, Sociology (See More)
  • Political Science, History, and Public Administration (See More)
  • Music, the Arts, and Languages (See More)
  • Religion and Philosophy (See More)
  • Business (See More)

Does this job include door-to-door sales?

  • Yes
  • No

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What Semester/Term would you like to target for this internship? (Select all that apply) 

  • Fall (Aug - Dec)
  • Spring (Jan - Apr)
  • Summer (May - Aug)

How do students apply for this internship:

  • Apply to position on company website
  • Send e-mail with qualifying information
  • Other

Required application documents (check all that apply):

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Academic Transcript (unofficial unless otherwise specified)
  • Company Application
  • Other

Is the proposed internship paid, or unpaid? (If your internship is unpaid, please ensure it meets Department of Labor Guidelines)

  • Paid
  • Unpaid

Indicate which option the intern would have regarding transportation.

  • Transportation provided by employer at no charge
  • Intern must provide own transportation
  • Other

Indicate which option the intern would have regarding housing.

  • Housing provided by employer at no charge
  • Housing provided at intern's expense
  • Intern must provide own housing
  • Other
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How did you learn about Methodist University's Internship program? (Select all that apply) 

  • Ongoing Employer Relationship
  • University Advisory Board
  • MU Website/ Search Engine
  • MU Today Magazine
  • ENCCA Career Fair
  • Referral from Colleague or Employer
  • Methodist University Student/Alumni
  • Methodist University Faculty/Staff/Coach
  • Methodist University Career Services
  • Other